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From C2 to C3 was more of the same although with the benefit that the wind had scoured the snow from the ridge the suce hard-packed, easy walking. In the meantime, over on The Abruzzi Ridge, the crew that had planned to meet us on The Shoulder for a combined summit push had arrived at their C2 to find all but one of their replica Cartier w3107255 watch tents either blown away or shredded. The Italians, Giuseppe and Sergio, decided to descend while nine other climbers bivvied below House’s Chimney in three tents in what sounds like truly miserable conditions.Back on the Cesen, Frippe and I were super excited about moving from C3 to C4--a day that would take us from 7100m (23, 294 ft) to 8000m (26, 247 ft) in one long day.

Its two mesh doors are large and allow highly customizable ventilation via pop-out pockets and, on a clear, warm night, you can lose the rain fly for stargazing through the no-see-um mesh ceiling panels. Potential problems: If you dont ventilate all the way, condensation tends to build up quickly. Also, you have to lay yourself out in the dirt to shut the rain-fly door until you you figure out your own system. But, for the extra hundred replica Cartier w62005v1 watch bucks I save with this lightweight, weather-ready tent, Ill take a little dirt on my shirt. Dan Smith is a student by day, but moonlights as an outdoor addict. His longest trip, a week in Michigans Porcupine Mountains, hardly rivals his summer schedule: a 25k run, backpacking in Colorados Elk Range, volunteering in Panama, and hiking Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

To climb that much at that high altitude we reasoned the route must go straight up with no side variations and be fairly straightforward climbing. Gerlinde and Ralf told us to expect eight hours. I knew that with this crew it would be anything but leisurely and began to worry about the extra 140 meters (459 ft) of rope and gear in my pack for fixing The Bottleneck higher up.Sure enough, the next morning as we were breaking down our tent replica Cartier w10125u2 watch when Gerlinde and Ralf blew past as if they were shot from a cannon. We dropped in behind them with Fabrizio and Kinga not far behind.The climbing turned out to be sustained 45-degree climbing over snow and loose rock with old, badly damaged fixed ropes and sketchy anchors that kept everyone honest.

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When it comes to a woman’s watch, they need to be entirely different to the ones that we expect, but that does not mean that we have to let of the technology. This watch is by Jacob Jenson, it has a minimalist feel to it, and even the strap has been designed to blend in with the smooth finish. The strap is easily adjustable so that is a saving, as that means no expensive trips to the repair shop for a strap adjustment. Features:Functions: replica Cartier w6600221 watch Time, dateCase: Titanium, sapphire crystalSize: 1532m, 10mm heightModule: QuartzDial Display Description: Digital negative displayStrap: Stainless steel on black rubberWater Resistant: 3atmWarranty: 2 year worldwide guaranteePriced at around $450

The Eureka Apex 2XT is a classic tent for the weekend warrior and entry-level outdoor aficionado alike. First off, its roomyI am 6 2 and fit easily in the tent lengthwise. Theres enough headroom (almost four feet) in this two-person tent to sit up without hitting my head, as well as 13.4 square feet of vestibule space to stow gear or cook a hot meal on a cold rainy day. Its a little heavier than other backcountry tents, but its a great deal for the price ($125). I can replica Cartier w69008z3 watch say from experience that the two-pole design sets up in a flash and that it will stand up to much of what you put it through. While camping in northern Wisconsin and on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the three-season Apex 2XT acted more like a four-season tent: withstanding driving rain, blustery days, and even snow.

Just keeping up with those two is a huge feat in itself but to do it while carrying skis and wearing ski boots is a whole other level.With a perpetual smile on his face, Ralf Duimovits, a highly accomplished German guide and Gerlinde’s life partner, first climbed K2 in 1994. If he summits again he’ll be the fifth person to have ever climbed K2 twice.Kinga Baranowska arrived with the K2 and Broad Peak Polish Expedition 2010 and hopes to replica Cartier w10110t2 watch make K2 her eighth 8000-meter summit.And, me, a bit slower than a lot of climbers but a little faster than most freelance writers. Did I mention devilishly handsome and passively courageous?So if you’ve kept up with past episodes you’ll know that we battled high winds and driving snow that blasted us in the face as we moved up the mountain from Base Camp to C2.

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This is her fourth expedition to K2 and after summiting Everest this spring without oxygen, if successful, will make her the third woman to summit all 14 of the world’s 8000-meter peaks and more importantly, the first to climb them all without oxygen. Huge respect.Right behind Gerlinde was Fabrizio Zangrilli, a professional climber replica Cartier wf9003y8 watch and guide for one of the two commercial expeditions attempting K2 this year. On his sixth expedition--four on the Cesen Route--perhaps no one has more experience on this side of the mountain than Fabrizio.Of course, Fredrik, The Super Swede, was right up front with Gerlinde and Fabrizio, swapping leads and breaking trail.

Tyler Bradt appears to have shattered Pedro Olivas 127-foot watell record with a descent of Washingtons 186-foot Palouse Falls. According to an email Outside received from Peter Sturges, whose son Rush Sturges filmed the descent, Bradt had a replica Cartier w6700155 watch perfect line. He rolled up at the bottom with the wind knocked out of him, a broken paddle and an uncontested new record for the highest watell kayaked. Whitewater blogs like Tribe, which first posted the news, are abuzz with rumors but no pictures have been released. Well keep you updated.Kyle Dickman

This is another brilliant TokyoFlash watch; it comes with a lovely gunmetal case and that blue LED’s just quite blend the colouring together. This is an updated version of the B version and comes with a leather strap. There are twelve blue LED’s that represent the hour, while five LED’s are the minutes in units of ten and finally the nine LED’s on the right are the individual minutes in between. Features:This updated version now features a brushed replica Cartier we10456h watch gunmetal collared case and black leather strap. The 12 LEDs on the left represent the hours, 5 on the bottom represent minutes in units of ten and 9 on the right represent the minutes between. The watch lights up in various crazy patterns when the button is pressed to show the timeDefinitely a watch set to impressTime Display only Leather Strap 1 Year WarrantyPriced at $147

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This is not your average watch, as you can watch video and listen to music without the need for another device, its 1.5 inch OLED screen allows the user to watch video while travelling, the battery will allow for around eight hours of playback Replica Cartier Ballon Bleu Large Mens Watch W69006Z2 time and the data is stored easily on the 1 Gb of memory. Technical Details1 GB MP4MP3 USB Digital Wrist Watch General Features: Stylish Black watch designFully functional digital wrist watch

(shows time and date) 1 GB memory capacity1.5-inch OLED true colour screen (128 x 128 pixel image) 260K colour screenSupports MP3, WMA, and MP4 format, up to 8 hours of music playbackSupports JPEG format, also replica Cartier wb509531 watch displays lyrics and picturePriced at $32.99Inspired Bicycles recently uploaded this YouTube video (on course to hit a million views) of mind-boggling trickster MacAskill throwing down the gauntlet. Its all ridiculous, but I particularly love the tree stunts. Just had to share. Jeremy Spencer

So yeah, assuming you’ve been following along you’ll know we left base camp a few days earlier based on a weather forecast from an acknowledged expert in Austria who pointed us to a sliver of a window on the 27th. The group that charged replica Cartier w20099c4 watch out of BC on the 24th could hardly have been stronger or more experienced. Out front was Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, an Austrian whose friendly smile and sisterly spirit hides her astonishing strength in the mountains.


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d30 is pretty cool stuff: Without getting too technical, its essentially a lightweight material that instantaneously stiffens upon impact, thereby replica IWC Pilot's watches providing you with a bit of instant armor should you run into something hard (like a tree, ice, or your buddy). Youll find it in all sorts of products, from ski gloves to mountain bike apparel to soccer shin guards. Ive tested a pair of gloves with the stuff, and it seems to work quite well.

Available next fall. The North Face Kishtwar Jacket $279This new softshell from TNF (available next fall) features a new fabric, Power Shield Pro, a replica iwc Portuguese FA Jones Edition watches hardfaced, fleecelined, and stretchy softshell fabric thats been around for years. Now, you fabric and softshell geeks out there all know how great the regular Power Shield is. (Ive worn Power Shield jackets for years hiking and backcountry skiing. Click here to see some products made with the stuff.)

Supposedly, this new iteration of the fabric is even better: more breathable, but still dishing up just as much protection against wind, rain, and snow. Ill be backcountry skiing in it later this winter, and will let you know if it lives up to the claim. —Sam replica iwc Portuguese Chronograph watches MoultonCourtesy of WikimediaHaile Gebrselassie, who holds the world record for the fastest marathon time at 2:03:59, will compete in the New York City HalfMarathon on March 21, Cool Running News reports. He ran it in 2007, finishing at an event record time of 59:24.